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Queentessence provides management and analytics for your wireless networks through a modern, modular and customizable dashboard for your public venues.

Cloud-based and compliant with a majority of WiFi brands, we collaborate with our partners to produce a one-stop-shop platform. This enables us to take care of everything for your new wireless network or to update and refine your existing infrastructure.

Main features

  • A dashboard as I desire:

    Move - Add - Remove graphs and data to personalize and see only what matters to me

  • The Queentessesence of your data:

    See your data by the hour, even a year later

  • Data arranged by groups:

    Place access points in a group and get corresponding data

  • Perfect Portal:

    Create your Splash Portal with our editor. Simply with drag and drop, precisely to your liking

  • Secure and Safe:

    Our DNS allows you to set up a CIPA compliance; our portals are also RGPD compliant

Still working on the final touches, striving for a perfect user experience, feel free to contact us:


https://queentessence.io (soon)